Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Redundancy-Bangladesh Submarine cable link sabotaged again

November 13, 2007

Bangladesh on Tuesday launched an investigation after the country's Internet link was sabotaged, disrupting communications nationwide for 15 hours. This disruption deprives the BTTB of revenue of 70,000 US dollars per hour. Internet and overseas telephone call services had been disrupted for 15 hours from early Tuesday as the telephone board's Dhaka-Chittagong–Cox's Bazar fibre-optic link with the submarine cable was snapped at two points near Cox's Bazar and Feni.
Since installation of Submarine cable in 2006, this is the 22nd case of disruption and second in same week. The cable was snapped at Sitakunda, 42km off Chittagong at 1:36am and at Joaria, 19km off Cox's Bazar, at 5:30am, said Ziaur Rashid Safdar, security and surveillance general manager of the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board.
According to a BTTB document, the cable has been cut for 22 times since its inauguration on May 21, 2006.
The document said seven of such incidents were acts of sabotage. In eight cases, the cut resulted from works by other agencies. Only two incidents of cable cut resulted from theft.
There is practically no resale value of this optical fibre cable. There is no copper or iron in it. Then why would anyone dig up the earth deep in the night to steal 140 metres of cable?" asks a BTTB official. The optical fibre line connects Dhaka to the Cox's Bazar's submarine cable's landing station and connect Bangladesh to the Information Superhighway. It serves as the backbone of international communication, while satellite services act as backup with limited bandwidth.

Contrast this with Sri Lanka and Pakistan, which have had problems only once each in the past five years. Redundancy is a key question for Bangladesh and BTTB.

List of Shameless Dhaka University Teachers- as 102 vanished abroad with Tk 1.8crore

Reference Check http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bangla_ict/message/5183

As many as 102 DU teachers who went abroad on study leave owe Tk 1.80 crore to the university as they have never returned or repaid the loan taken before leaving the country for higher studies.

According to the university rules, an eligible teacher can go abroad for higher education with up to four years' study leave. During the study leave, he or she is entitled to receive salary and other allowances from the university.

Sources said the defaulters each had signed a bond before taking the loan that they would pay the money back if they decided to stay abroad.

Sources said 71 of these teachers are from the science faculties, five from the Arts faculty, 14 from Social Science faculty, two from the Law faculty, nine from Business Studies faculty and four from the Institute of Business Studies.

Among the defaulters, three are professors, 66 lecturers and the rest are assistant professors, university sources said.

Of the teachers of sciences faculties, 10 are from biochemistry and molecular biology department, nine each from applied physics and electronics, and chemistry departments, one from mathematics, five from physics, three from applied chemistry, four from applied chemistry and chemical technology, one from computer science and engineering, five from geography and environment, three from geology, five from statistics, two from applied statistics, six from microbiology, five from psychology and one from soil, water and environment department.

Defaulters List:

  1. Management department teacher Mishkat Uddin who had gone to the US for higher studies and made no contact for a few years but recently joined North South University , the VC said the authorities have already sent a letter to his address.Management department teacher Mishkat Uddin was fired. He owes over Tk 1 lakh.
  2. Nahida Banu, lecturer in biochemistry and molecular biology, was due to return to her job on April 1, 1994. The authorities have terminated her job as she did not respond to letters sent to her asking her to return. She owes Tk 3.5 lakh to the university.
  3. Chemistry teacher Abul Khair Khan took Tk 1.6 lakh and was due to return to the university on July 1, 2001.
  4. Md Salauddin of Bangla took Tk 3.12 lakh
  5. Faiza Sultana of English Tk 4 lakh
  6. Sudhir Shyamol Chowdhury of English Tk 1.44 lakh
  7. Abul Fazal Md Fazle Rabbi of information science Tk 2.35 lakh
  8. Monjushri Bonik of library management Tk 2.14 lakh
  9. Saida Zakia Hossain of sociology Tk 1.84 lakh
  10. Kawsar Kibria of sociology Tk 2.54 lakh
  11. Mohammad Selim of economics owe Tk 1.95 lakh
  12. Jahanara Begum of economics owe Tk 1.41 lakh
  13. Dr Monsurul Alam Khan of economics owe Tk 2.78 lakh
  14. Soumi Mostafa of economics owe Tk 1.82 lakh
  15. AKM Mahbub Morshed of economics owe Tk 2.69 lakh
  16. Saira Khan of International Relations owe Tk 2.15 lakh
  17. Muna Hossain of international relations owe Tk 1.11 lakh
  18. M Nurul Hossain of mass communications and journalism took Tk 1.11 lakh
  19. Md Shamsher Ali of Institute of Social Welfare and Research is Tk 1.03 lakh

Source: http://www.thedailystar.net/story.php?nid=11593