Friday, November 23, 2007

List of 96 Dhaka University Teachers-who owe Tk 1.69 crore

According to the university rules, an eligible teacher can go abroad for higher education with up to four years' study leave. During the study leave, he or she is entitled to receive salary and other allowances from the university.

Sources said the defaulters each had signed a bond before taking the loan that they would pay the money back if they decided to stay abroad.


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LSU helps Bangladesh save lives by supercomputing capabilities

Supercomputing online reports about how LSU's Shell Coastal Environmental Modelling Laboratory (CEML) gave access to CEML's supercomputing capabilities when Cyclone Sidr hit so that they could create storm surge models. These were given to Bangladesh emergency officials before Sidr made land, the storm surge maps were so detailed that they helped save countless lives.

Early on the morning of Nov. 16, Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh and showed no mercy. The death toll continues to rise even today. Hundreds of thousands of people were left homeless. But, nearly 24 hours in advance of the storm, Hassan Mashriqui, assistant extension professor of coastal engineering with LSU, the LSU AgCenter and the Louisiana Sea Grant College Program, gave Bangladesh emergency officials storm surge maps so detailed that area agencies were able to take action, saving countless lives. The following day, Mashriqui went to Tampa, Fla., to give a lecture at a hurricane conference. It was from his hotel room that he was able to access the LSU supercomputing network and run the first model. What he saw sent him scrambling to contact Bangladesh officials.

"These models are incredibly accurate and highly detailed," Mashriqui said. "You can pinpoint events down to small counties and towns. We were looking at a 10 – 12 foot storm surge that would devastate anything in its path."


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Truth about Bangladesh Coal Mine Royalty rates & Asia Energy Pleasure Trip for Journalists


Extraction of Phulbari coal adopting open-pit mining method is the main focus, but we are not talking about how much Bangladesh will miss in royalty.

My request to all Bangladeshi Citizens and Journalist by giving example of It's the economy, stupid was a phrase in American politics widely used during Bill Clinton's successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush. So think about "The Economy"

In the existing rule there is a provision for fixing 5-6 per cent royalty for Bangladesh government while the last draft coal policy cited about 16-17 per cent royalty.

Our next door West Bengal, which levies a cess of around 25 per cent on coal produced in that State.


Adopt a provision for leasing out coal fields through competitive bidding process and selecting the bidder who will give the highest and best proposal in terms of royalty and technicality.

Don't forget protests erupted prviously across Bangladesh over Asia Energy plan to develop a coal mine, a day after six people were killed in police firing during a demonstration.

Subject:Asia Energy's pleasure trip for journalists from New Nation 08/02/07

As a last effort to obtain green signal from the government over the Phulbari Coalfield issue the Asia Energy Corporation (Bangladesh) Pty Ltd has organised a pleasure trip for some journalists who report on energy issues to entice them to write in favour of the company.

Some 7 to 8 reporters will leave Dhaka for Frankfurt on August 4 for a four-day trip led by Asia Energy's Media and Communication specialist Mahmud Hafiz, a former energy reporter of a vernacular daily.

During the trip Bangladeshi journalists will visit the coal plants of the Rheinisch-westfalisches Elektrizitatswerk AG (RWE AG), a German based coal extracting and electricity producing company. Asia Energy will sponsor the expenses of the trip.

One of the members of the trip yesterday said, " It seems that Asia Energy is geting the green signal from the government immediately. Energy Secretary and other high officials of the government are in favour of the company."

The government cancelled the coal exploration deal with the Asia Energy following a mass demonstration in Phulbari, Dinajpur where scores of people died as the law enforcing agencies opened fire.

Most of the citizens in the country opposed the deal with the Asia Energy, as country's interest was not saved in the agreement

The government expert commitee on Phulbari Coalmine project finally suggested the government not to sign further deal with the Asia Energy saying the agreement of mine exploration was signed illegally in terms of royalty.