Saturday, March 08, 2008

Bangladesh adds 2.05 mln mobile phone users in one month

Bangladesh adds 2.05 mln mobile phone users in one month
Bangladesh's six mobile phone carriers added 2.05 million new subscribers in January, 2008, taking the total number of mobile user to 36.42 million in the one of the world's fastest growing mobile market, according to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission data.

The total number of Mobile Phone Subscribers has reached 36.42 million at the end of January 2008.

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Bangladesh IT Sector Companies in Dhaka Stock Exchange & Performance Evaluation

Only the following companies are listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange

Now it's time to evaluate their performance, in reality out of these seven listed companies only four are active in business by name. Our Bangladeshi ICT Journalists friends should investigate further how these companies are performing since inception, and what type of impact they are creating in Bangladesh IT Sector.

AGNISYSL( Agni Sytems Ltd. )
BDCOM( BDCOM Online Ltd. )
BDONLINE( Bangladesh Online )
DAFODILCOM( Daffodil Computers Ltd. )
INTECH( In Tech Online Ltd. )
ISNLTD( Information Services Network )
RASPITDATA( Raspit Data Management )